• Pregnancy Screening: What Happens When You and Partner Both Have the Sickle Cell Trait?

    One of the most important antenatal screenings is the test for the sickle cell trait (SCT), which determines whether you're a carrier for sickle cell disease. Many people diagnosed with SCT are surprised to discover that they could be a carrier for sickle cell disease despite being healthy. If you and your partner have just been told you both tested positive for SCT, you may be worried about what happens next.
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  • Trouble Hearing? 2 Reasons Why You Should Choose A CIC Hearing Aid

    If you've noticed that your hearing has gotten worse and it has begun to impair your quality of life, it may be time to look into getting a hearing aid. Hearing loss is a natural part of life, so there's no reason to fear it. One of the biggest misconceptions about hearing aids is that they are gigantic and ugly. This may have been true a few decades ago, but the technology has drastically changed since then.
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