Three Questions to Ask to Help Find the Best Physiotherapist for You

Posted on: 14 June 2017


You know you need physical therapy and physiotherapy appointments. This may be due to an injury that is not getting better or an older issue that is cropping back up as an issue. If you don't have a referral from a doctor, you may be curious about how to find the best physiotherapist for you and your needs. Here are three questions to ask, and what you need to know about each one, to help you narrow down your choices.

How Will You Pay for the Service?

As with most medical needs, there are options for payment. When it comes to physiotherapy you have the options of paying through insurance or paying out of pocket. This may seem cut and dry, but it is not. You see, some offices may have rules regarding out of pocket pay. These rules may mean paying more for out of pocket, less for out of pocket, or the loss of payment plan options. If you are paying with insurance, you will be asked if the physiotherapy doctor is in or out of your insurance network. In some cases, your insurance may not cover the same percentage of services or any at all if it is an out of network office. This one payment question can significantly narrow your search.

Do You Want One-on-One Patient Care?

Once you narrow down the offices that meet your payment requirements, it will be time to start asking what kind of care you want to receive. Some people prefer either group therapy or private therapy. You may not think this is a huge question, but there are physiotherapy offices that only offer one or the other with no other options. You may find that you want an office that offers both so during the first few visits you receive one-on-one care while in the weeks following you can go to group therapy.

Do You Need Options for Home Therapy?

By asking if you need options for home therapy, you can find a physiotherapy office that can either send a nurse to your home for certain treatments, or one that offers you options to use yourself. You may also find that while therapy itself is not offered on an in home basis, they do have a list of referral options to massage therapists and other therapists outside of their office that can assist you with pain management and other physiotherapy needs.

By asking these questions you not only ensure your insurance or budget can meet the financial requirements of the physiotherapy, but you can also ensure you are getting an office that suits your lifestyle and personal needs or wants. This will help you find the right office to reach your therapy needs and goals.