3 Health-Related Complications That Affect a Significant Percentage of Women

Posted on: 14 May 2021


Though diseases affect everyone equally, some of them tend to be more prevalent in women than men. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of women live with these problems without knowing it. Luckily, with the proper measures, you can prevent most of these complications and live a healthy life. The first step is to know these issues so that you can take the necessary preventative measures. Read on to learn some common diseases affecting women's health. 

1. Heart Disease

Heart diseases and cardiac-related complications kill a large population of women annually. However, most women do not know how hazardous cardiac problems are to their health. Because of this ignorance, you may neglect taking care of your heart and the related organs. 

Most heart complications are related to poor healthy lifestyles, smoking, eating unhealthy diets and failing to exercise. Therefore, if you follow your doctor's advice and live a healthy life, you'll manage to prevent all heart complications significantly.

2. Cancer

Cancer is another dangerous health problem that is common in women. Common cancers in women are breast and cervical cancer. The most complicated fact about cancer is that most varieties do not display any signs until the disease is in the later stages. That makes it much harder for cancer specialists to diagnose cancer patients in the early stages. 

However, just like cardiac problems, lifestyle choices can help to prevent most types of cancer. So, if you don't smoke, eat healthy food and work out regularly, you'll manage to stay clear of cancer.

3. Stroke

Strokes are also a prevalent problem for women. So, you need to know the signs associated with the problem to seek immediate health care services whenever they notice any of them. 

Some of the signs you should look out for include numbness or weakness in your face, arm or leg on one side of your body. Persistent headaches, dizziness, speaking problems and sudden confusion are also warning signs that you might be suffering from a stroke. Therefore, you should call for instant medical care whenever you notice any of these signs. 

The three medical problems above are generally more common in women than men. And, most women live with the conditions without knowing that their health is deteriorating. So, to improve your health and prevent these life-threatening conditions, visit a reputable health care clinic regularly for checkups and advice on the lifestyle changes to make to improve your health. A clinic can provide more information regarding women's health.